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Guarantee / Returns

We value customer satisfaction. An enjoyable shopping experience and customer service is important to Sari Saheli for all its products. Products are designed, manufactured and shipped to you with great care and quality. Still there could be incidents where product might not reach you in its perfect condition. Please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your need to your satisfaction. Please note that level of guarantee varies on different products. Items in Cosmetic jewelry category come with limited warranty.

Easy Clips: For any concerns or defects, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the product. It being a low priced item, by the time S&H costs are factored in, it is not viable for us to offer any refunds on this product. You may return the item at your own shipping expense for store credit. Store credit will be price paid minus shipping.

The Pleatmaker: We offer 30 day guarantee on the pleatmaker as long as you return the item in its original packaging. Return shipping to be paid by the customer. Full refund for returns within 30 days. Store credit after 30 days but within 90 days of purchase. Store credit/refund will be price paid minus shipping.

Our hope and belief is that you will like our products and find them useful.


Payment Policy:

We accept most of the major credit cards and Paypal payments. Sarisaheli.com is a secure website. If you still hesitate to enter your credit card information on the website, you may select manual payment. We will contact you to take your payment over the phone. Indian customers can also pay via direct deposit to our account in India. Full payment must be made before the orders will be shipped.


Shipping Policy:

USA Orders: All orders are shipped within 24 hours. Standard shipping is via USPS First class mail that delivers within 3-5 days. Customer is notified with the tracking# after the shipment is made. If you register on the website, you will be able to check your order status online.

India Orders: All India orders are shipped within 24 hours via private courier services. Delivery time can be 4 – 7 days. For some remote areas, it may take longer. A detailed address is helpful. Customer is notified with the tracking# after the shipment is made. If you register on the website, you will be able to check your order status online.

All Other Countries: Orders are shipped from USA within 24 hours via USPS (United States Postal Service). Delivery time can be 1 to 2 weeks. A detailed address is helpful. Customer is notified with the tracking# after the shipment is made. However, once the pkg leaves USA, it is not traceable. If you register on the website, you will be able to check your order status online.

In some rare cases, a pkg may get delayed or even lost. If tracking shows that pkg left USA, but the customer did not receive it within 20 days, we will ship a new order Special Orders / Customized Shipping Needs: Please contact us at support@sarisaheli.com


Price and Discount Questions

What is the price of Sari Pleat Maker in Indian Rs?

Use the currency converter on our website for any product that you are interested in to check the cost in your currency.

I want to order 5 pleatmakers. will i get some kind of a discount?

We do offer volume discount. Please register at our website. When you place an order, it will automatically give you discount based on size of your order.


Shipping / Order Status Questions

How can I cancel my order?

Please email us your order# at support@sarisaheli.com and we will cancel your order and will refund your money.

What is the delivery time for International shipments?

We ship all orders same day. Int'l shipments may take from 1 to 3 weeks. In all right circumstances, packages get delivered within 10 days.

I placed an order..the order no is 1631. Haven’t received it yet.

You can check your order status on our website. Please login to see the details. If any further questions, send to support@sarisaheli.com .

I am interested in buying Pleat maker in Noida, or any other city or country. Can you please let me know where can I buy this

Check Shops Near You page on our website. If your desired location is not listed, please either contact the distributor for that country or place order online. All orders are shipped within 24 hours.


Other Questions

Where in Bangalore can I buy Sari Saheli?

Sorry we don't have any retail shop in Bangalore. Please contact Mamta Shah / Adit Shah (Mumbai) sapphirenovelty@gmail.com 09821136696 / 08652002966 Or you can order online.

Where can I buy one from?

Please email us at support@sarisaheli.com or call us at 408-454-6262

I have visited this site for demo but only in the first demo the pleat maker is shown which i have, but in other demos the pleat maker are different, why so?. why so much difference. Hope u will answer my query at the earliest.

Sari Saheli you have and the demo on the top of our website (it also says new design) is the improved design that we have been selling for about a year. We discontinued the first design. We have decided to keep the old demos for some time on the website for the the buyers who have older sari saheli. We are working on preparing new demos, and will be updating the website soon.

I got order today but I m looking like a book kind its open from left side not from top that what I got. so what should do?

You must have watched the old video. We revised the design more than a year ago. This is actually much easier than the first design. Removing the pleats and Palla pleats are very easy with this design.

I bought the pleatmaker and it doesn’t seem to work for me–the saree keeps slipping out of the hooks and does not seem to be making crisp definitive pleats as per your videos. Could someone please help? My saris are all georgette/silk and net.

Georgette/silk are common sari materials and pleatmaker does work on any fabric. However, just like any gadget in the beginning it may take some time and patience to get used to it. If it keeps slipping, here are few suggestions: Try keeping your finger on the pleat as you take it from one end of each plate to other (just in the beginning) As you are pleating, don't let the fabric get loose, then it will drop down from hook A or any tab Drop the next plate over the pleat as soon as you take the material over the tab. After you get the hang of it, it does become very very easy. Please do let me know if these suggestions helped. Also it might help to first try with a non-silky material to get the feel of a new gadget :-)

I just rec’d this product and it came with 2 metal clips with sharp teeth on them, they are not magnetic like the advertise says, can you send me the right ones.?

You have received the right product. Pleatmaker comes only with the metal clips you received. To keep the cost low for those who don't care for the clips, we are not including magnetic clips in the pleatmaker package but sell separately (out of stock right now). Our website mentions it also:


What's Included?

The Pleatmaker comes in an attractive box. Included is one Pleatmaker, two basic clips (not our Easy Clips), and instructions for use. Please check the demo also shows using black non-magnetic clips.
We have tested these clips, they work well in helping pleat setting and then to be replaced with your desired clips/pins.